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A family-run restaurant committed to offer the taste of authentic India, focusing on traditional Indian flavours and spices and giving them a modern twist.

Our chefs and their cuisine started life as a family affair. They come from the Northwest part of India - Punjab, and became known for preparing community feasts so good, with such well balanced spice blends (we hand-grind our spices, of course!) and using high quality ingredients, that we had to bring their talent to streets of London, so the culinary capital can enjoy the Punjab’s best kept secret.

Award winning restaurant!

We are delighted to announce that we have won the Restaurant of the Year at the London Curry Awards 2019!

Even more of a reason for you to come over to one of our restaurants and enjoy our award winning food! 

How it Works?

At Rangrez we are breaking the norm....now you can order curry with us and get it delivered to anywhere within the UK mainland within 24 hours of dispatch from us.

*All food is prepared fresh as per your order, chilled and seal packed to retain freshness and flavours.

*Chilled food is then packed in specifically sourced temperature control food boxes with ice packs to maintain freshness during transit.

*Food boxes are collected by our courier delivery partner and delivered within 24 hours of dispatch.

*On receiving store the food in fridge and consume within 24 hours.

*Courier delivery only Tuesday to Friday

*Pre order required 48 hours prior to delivery date.

Why not order online now for courier delivery and have a taste of Indian heaven in your own home anywhere in the UK.

Rangrez For Business

Rangrez is offering the opportunity to franchise our business. Please contact us on 07833292569 or 07956532540 for further details.

79 New Broadway, London, W5 5ALPhone07833292569

CLOSED - Pre-order now!
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